Restaurant chain Chipotle faces another legal battle yet again, this time over accusations of alleged sexual assault at its west Houston branch. The plaintiff, a former Chipotle employee at its Eldridge Parkway branch, filled a lawsuit against her former assistant manager, general manager, and the chain itself, claiming Chipotle was complicit in the incident.

According to Adrian Villacorta, the plaintiff’s lawyer, the incident was a clear case of sexual assault of a minor, as her client was only 16-years-old at the time. In November 2013, the plaintiff took a job at the Houston Energy Corridor location of Chipotle. According to her lawsuit, incidents of inappropriate touching began five months later, with her then 26-year-old assistant manager sexually assaulting her, sometimes within the premises of the restaurant.

Villacorte adds the branch’s general manager was also aware of these incidents but did not act on them, adding he has enough evidence to prove the general manager’s actions. Meanwhile, the former assistant manager has reportedly left the country. Chipotle has yet to issue a statement on the matter, but Villacorte says the restaurant chain has consistently denied liability throughout the lawsuit.

Assault as a Personal Injury Claim – Although many people see “assault” as a criminal offense, it can also serve as the basis of a personal injury lawsuit. When used as the basis for a civil case for damages, assault becomes an “intentional tort.” The world “assault” also has several dimensions to it, and doesn’t necessarily have to involve actual physical contact.

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