For anyone who’s ever sustained an injury in an accident, hiring a San Antonio personal injury lawyer can be a huge step to take—but it can be one done in the right direction. Below are 3 of the most common myths associated with hiring an attorney.

  1. The insurance company will be fair
  2. Although not exactly a myth, more often than not, it’s untrue. Insurance companies make money by paying as little to claimants as possible—every dollar paid is a dollar lost. Insurance companies have been known to try and share blame for the accident with the victim in an attempt to reduce the amount for compensation. Some insurance companies will also lowball an offer, or worse, deny a claim altogether.

  3. Compensation will take forever to receive
  4. Although some personal injury cases can be complicated and difficult to resolve, cases with clear liability usually settle in a reasonable amount of time. This is where hiring a personal injury lawyer will come in, as he will have the knowledge to handle your case through the claims process after you’ve sought treatment.

  5. The legal system guarantees fairness when dealing with insurance companies
  6. Unfortunately, this is not quite the case. While it’s not exactly true that the law favors businesses like insurance companies, they will have the resources to hire experienced and skilled lawyers to deny your claim, which again highlights the importance of having a lawyer by your side to ensure your rights are protected. Learn more about how the personal injury claims process by seeking legal advice from Barrus Injury Lawyers. Call us today at (210) 593-8709 for a FREE, no-cost, no-obligation consultation.