You’ve just gotten your bearings at the hospital, when you’re bombarded with requests and paperwork from doctors, the police, and insurance companies. Your memory of the accident may be fuzzy, or you may not be able to answer all questions about the incident. This scenario is often what awaits accident victims. It’s for this reason that hiring a personal injury lawyer can be a lifesaver—you have someone to help you with what to do next.

Here are 4 reasons why you should hire a personal injury attorney after an accident.

  1. They have experience evaluating claims
  2. You don’t want to waste time and money filing a personal injury claim that has no chance of winning. A personal injury lawyer will be the best person to ask if your case is worth pursuing legal action over.

  3. No hassle over red tape
  4. An attorney will handle the problem of red tape for you. All you need to do is rest and get better; your lawyer will take care of working through complex legal processes and paperwork. He will also interpret medical terms for you.

  5. He helps you stay objective throughout the claims process
  6. Anger and pain may cloud your judgement and ability to discern facts. Your lawyer will be more objective, using facts to support your case, helping you to avoid making impulsive decisions that may jeopardize your claim.

  7. Fair settlements
  8. Contrary to popular belief, most personal injury claims are resolved in a settlement, not in court. An attorney will negotiate favorable settlement terms on your behalf, ensuring that the amount serving as compensation for the accident will cover your treatment and time spent away from work (lost pay). Contact Barrus Injury Lawyers today at (210) 593-8709.