Contrary to common belief, only a few personal injury cases actually go to court. Most cases settle well before both parties think of even going to trial—and for good reason. Settling is a far more affordable solution than taking a case to court. It doesn’t even have to be drawn out and exhausting either, which trails often are. Here are a few reasons why your San Antonio personal injury attorney will strongly recommend a settlement over a trial.

Trials are Often More Expensive than Settling – In most instances, the plaintiff, or the person filing a personal injury claim, will agree to set a contingency fee with their lawyer, which can be 30% of a settlement offer, or 40% of the amount awarded if a lawsuit is filed. But beyond these expenses, you also need to consider the cost of hiring expert witness, deposition expenses, travel costs, filing fees, and lost wages from having to be away from work.

The earlier you and your lawyer settle a case, the more cost-effective the entire process will be. However, an experienced injury attorney will know not to settle a case too quickly, and can advise you on whether the other driver’s insurance company is treating you fairly.

Trials Can Be Stressful – This isn’t to say that negotiations with insurance companies aren’t stressful, but a personal injury trial, which can last for weeks, is easily more draining, with the plaintiff having to go through examinations and cross-examinations. In contrast, your lawyer can help you reach a settlement that will be much less stressful on you and your family.

Settlement Negotiations Can Be Private – Whereas details of most cases involving personal injuries are public record—meaning testimonies and evidence of a sensitive nature are accessible by the public— in a settlement, both parties control what, if any, information reaches the public.