Obviously, there are risks involved for every person who gets into a motor vehicle in Texas. The possibility of getting into an accident is not only possible, but it’s probable that every person at some point will be involved in a motor vehicle accident at some point in his or her lifetime.

While many of these accidents are mere “fender benders,” with no resulting personal injuries to those involved, an increasing amount of car accidents now involve serious injury to one or more passengers. In most cases, “accidents” don’t just happen, and usually the negligence of one or more people are to blame for the accident.

As such, in many cases, injured person’s will need the assistance of a San Antonio auto accident lawyer. This is why our staff is commonly engaged in lawsuits related to automobile, truck, and motorcycle crashes. Our experience handling injury cases means that we see all sorts of accidents, with a wide variety of injuries.

Our attorneys have seen first-hand the devastating effects of motor vehicle accidents. Even worse, we also see how hard shady insurance companies fight against paying out on claims that they know are valid, often leaving injured persons out in the cold when it comes to compensation for their accident.

Increasingly, serious accidents are occurring in San Antonio that leave many people hurt, and sometimes dead. Additionally, the number of uninsured drivers in San Antonio and south Texas seems to be at an all time high. Lets review some of the most recent traffic accident statistics for San Antonio, and Texas in general.

Please note that serious trucking accidents in Texas may not be included in the statistics below.

San Antonio Accident Statistics
We’ll review some of the most striking statistics, but more information can be found on the TexDot accident statistics website. In 2013 there were:

  • 3,380 traffic deaths in the state of Texas;
  • More than 65,000 accidents that resulted in serious injuries;
  • More than 89,200 people suffered serious accident-related injuries;
  • Nearly Half of fatal accidents reported involved failure to use a seatbelt;
  • 32% of fatal accidents involved a driver that was under the influence of alcohol;
  • Economic losses from accidents in Texas was more than $25 Billion dollars.
  • A car accident occurs once every 2 minutes in the state of Texas.

As the statistics clearly reflect, motor vehicle accidents are common in the State of Texas. Serious accidents can have long-term consequences for injured persons, especially where insurance companies fail to treat victims fairly. If you have been injured in a car accident, you will likely have many questions. Our San Antonio personal injury lawyers are here to answer your questions with a free consultation. To schedule a consultation, contact Barrus Injury Lawyers.