The phrase, ‘car accident lawyer’ might seem different from ‘personal injury lawyer,’ but they’re actually one and the same, at least as far as personal injury cases are concerned. The truth is that it’s very rare to find a San Antonio personal injury lawyer who doesn’t accept car accident cases, seeing as how they’re one of the most common causes of personal injury.

However, a San Antonio car accident lawyer will also look at the aspect of the case that involves damage to the property—the car and all contents inside. Most car accident lawyers will handle both the personal injury and property damage aspects of the claim, but they only actually receive compensation from the personal injury portion of the claim. This refers to all physical and mental injuries that resulted from the car accident.

Still, most insurance companies will address both property damage and personal injury within the same claim, even though they usually process the two differently when providing compensation. The technical nature of personal injury claims caused by car accidents is exactly why it’s important to consult the services of a reliable car accident lawyer.

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