I grew up in a time when seat belts were “optional.” Heck, so were car seats for children. But, for decades now, the safety benefits of seat belts has been undisputed, causing most states to enact mandatory seat belt and child restraint laws. And, experience has shown that seat belts are more important than ever in rollover accidents, where unbuckled passengers are often thrown from the vehicle, and crushed.

The Texas Department of Transportation created a new contraption they’ve named the “rollover convincer,” which demonstrates what happens to unbuckled persons during a rollover car accident. This video quickly shows why seat belts are so important!

Being thrown and crushed by a car during a rollover accident almost always results in death. And if it doesn’t, this x-ray model of a rollover accident victim, which was captured by an Ohio Trauma Nurse friend of mine, will show you what you have to look forward to if you don’t buckle up.

Car accidents are no joke, and rollover accidents are especially deadly. So, be safe, buckle up…you’ve got too much to live for! For more information on automobile accidents and injury claims related to them contact our San Antonio car accident lawyers today.