West Texas officials are looking into an incident where a 3-year-old girl was found in the back of a wrecked car hours after the accident had taken place, investigating what violations to standard procedure may have happened in the handling of the case.

The accident, which involved 3 vehicles, was responded to by the Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, sheriff’s deputies from Ector County, and Odessa Fire Rescue. Yet all 3 agencies failed to notice the injured girl in the backseat of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. A tow truck driver found the toddler in the vehicle hours after it was taken to a wreck yard in Odessa.

The child was immediately taken to a Lubbock hospital. According to the girl’s family members, she suffered from brain bleeding and partial paralysis but fortunately recovered and was discharged from the hospital. Texas DPS officials say that the child had been injured after the driver of the car she was in rear-ended one vehicle and sideswiped another.

The police identified the driver as Ever Ortega and charged him with Felony Intoxication Assault-Bodily injury. For more news and updates on Texas car accidents, follow this blog. For legal assistance on your car accident case, reach out to our expert San Antonio car wreck lawyers.