Almost everyone now shares their lives on social media. From vacations, experiences, musings, and daily activities, many of us live online just as much as we do in the real world. When it comes to a personal injury claim, however, you need to take extra care with the information you share with the public online. This is another reason why it’s always a good idea to consult with a San Antonio personal injury attorney, who can lay down the rules when using social media in the middle of your personal injury case. Even seemingly innocuous details shared on social media can be used against you by insurance companies, who will try to reduce the seriousness of your injuries, or worse, dismiss your claim altogether. Below are a few quick dos and don’ts on the subject.

  • Do protect yourself by locking down your privacy settings
  • Don’t post anything about your accident on social media
  • Do remove any information about the accident you already posted online
  • Don’t add anyone you don’t know on social media
  • Do block apps that can access your social media profile
  • Don’t disclose anything you and your attorney talked about in private
  • Do check yourself on Google. That’s one of the first things the insurance company will do.
  • Don’t attempt to contact the party or person that caused your accident

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