Let’s say that you slipped as you were going down the stairs, falling down and spraining your ankle in the process. You lost your footing because of a puddle on one of the steps, but you chalk it up to carelessness. A week later, the pain in your ankle doesn’t go away. Instead, you learn that you actually fractured your foot. Your office mates tell you the accident might have never happened if the puddle had been cleaned up immediately. Can you sue your company to claim compensation for your treatment? A successful personal injury claim, especially a slip and fall, ultimately depends on proving 3 crucial factor. These are:

  1. Liability – You need to prove the defendant has a duty of care in the area where the accident happened
  2. Negligence – The defendant failed its duty of care, which subsequently led to your harm
  3. Fault – The defendant’s negligence was the primary, or a major, cause behind your injuries

Although it’s not impossible to do all the necessary work to prove these 3 factors, a lawyer specializing in personal injury claims will make the task easier and faster. For assistance on how to file a claim after a slip and fall, contact our San Antonio personal injury lawyers today.