A pastor and his three sons died in a tragic car accident in Carthage Texas. The family was reportedly on their way home. According to news reports, the casualties were Israel Avelar, a 46-year-old pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Lexington, and his three sons, Kevin, age 17; Daniel, age 14; and Matthew, age 6.

Also in the car were Avelar’s wife Hilda and daughter, who are in critical condition. A facial reconstruction surgery on Hilda reportedly had to be stopped due to the severity of her injuries, but according to a church official, her condition is improving. The family’s eldest daughter, who stayed behind in Lexington, is en route to being with her family.

According to a local news reporter, the scene of the accident was a disaster, with several fatalities and injured people, and completely wrecked cars reporters had a hard time identifying. Initial investigations show the accident occurred at around 10:15 a.m. when the family’s car slowed down to make way for another vehicle to get off the highway. The car was then rear-ended by a Chevy Tahoe, which pushed the Avelars into an 18-wheeler truck.

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