Sustaining injuries from a car accident can be a traumatic experience, potentially causing a major disruptive change in the victim’s life. Anyone who has ever been in a accident knows how confusing and difficult it can be to find a reliable car accident lawyer. In this post, our team goes over the different ways to find and choose a lawyer specializing in car accidents.

Talk to Different Lawyers – When choosing a lawyer, you need to consider whether you actually need a car accident lawyer, a slip and fall accident lawyer, or a workplace injury lawyer. If for example, your job entails driving to and from different locations and you were injured in a road accident, your case can also found under the expertise of a workplace accident lawyer.

When talking to a lawyer, be sure to ask if they deal with the type accident you just experienced. They also need to be able to prove their experience and history of winning cases on behalf of their clients. Also, you should get someone who focuses on only injury cases. Hiring a divorce attorney, or a criminal defense attorney to handle you car accident case is like asking your dentist to perform a life-saving brain surgery – the results can be catastrophic!

Credentials – Who exactly will you be working with? Every lawyer admitted to the state bar is qualified to practice law, but they may have secured specialization. Again, this highlights the need to talk to different lawyers and see if they handle car accident cases such as yours. Our general advice is to avoid trusting your accident case to an attorney who practices in many different fields, and takes whatever type of case walks through his door.

These attorneys are referred to as “general practitioners.” The problem with hiring a general practitioner is that he or she may not handle many cases like yours, and thus won’t have the experience needed to obtain the best results, and in some cases can even ruin your claim.

Attitude – Given the sensitive and highly personal matter of your car accident injuries, a lawyer’s demeanor can go a long way in ensuring that you recover not just physically, but emotionally and mentally, not to mention financially. Because of the trauma they experienced, car accident victims need someone who can place themselves in their situation, someone who knows the exact needs of accident victims to be able to handle their case with best results.

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