If you are involved in a crash with a commercial vehicle, one thing is for certain:  the company’s insurance company will look for any way to avoid paying you.  Sometimes that means claiming that you were somehow at fault, or even partially at fault for the wreck. This is especially true if you’re not represented by an experienced injury attorney.

You’d be surprised, but sometimes injured victims give in to unrealistic insurance company positions and tactics, and simply go away quietly, which is exactly what the insurance company wants.  In fact, enough people just assume that the insurance company couldn’t lie to them, that they accept the insurance company’s false statements and give up on making a claim.  Obviously, this tactic saves the insurance companies millions of dollars every year, if not more.  But, it’s not right (which is why I wrote the book “5 Sneaky Tricks,” which exposes dishonest insurance company tricks and explains how to avoid them – you can get a FREE copy here).

Fight Back Against The Insurance Companies Dishonest Tricks

If the insurance company is claiming that you were somehow responsible for a wreck, the best thing you can do it consult with an experienced commercial vehicle accident attorney.  In fact, to help injured people, Barrus Injury Lawyers offers a FREE 5-Point Case Evaluation, which is a written report prepared by one of our injury attorneys.  This report will give you a lot of information and insight into your case, and provide help, guidance, and advice for your case. Order your FREE report by clicking here.

Get a Winning Team In Your Corner As Soon As Possible

One thing is certain when it comes to commercial vehicle accident injuries – the insurance company won’t treat you fairly unless you have a good lawyer in your corner.  Why?  Because commercial insurance policies are much bigger than your simple car insurance policy, and therefore the insurance companies have more to lose, and are therefore much more aggressive in denying coverage, and offering low-ball offers go get injured people to go away, or pay them far less than what they deserve.

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