Most people are aware that sometimes prescription medications are sometimes recalled because of dangerous side effects.  However, this can be a frightening experience when hearing on the news or television that a drug you take has been recalled.  This is especially confusing to some who rely on the medication, and cannot simply stop taking it without risk or complications to their health.

If you find out that a prescription medication you take has been recalled, here is what our San Antonio drug injury lawyers recommend:

Call Your Doctor.   We don’t recommend that you simply stop taking a medication.  Afterall, we are not doctors.  But, the doctor who prescribed the drug can instruct you on whether you should keep taking the drug, or whether or not he or she would prefer to prescribe a different, but similar medication. The first thing you should do, however, is talk with your doctor.

Get Information.  After you contact your doctor, we recommend you do some research and get specific details on the recall.  There are many different reasons medications are recalled.  In a Class I recall, the medication will probably not cause any adverse health conditions for most people.  However, in a Class II recall, a medication could cause serious health problems or even death.  As always, the first place to start is with your own doctor.

Sometimes, the FDA will give you information to help inform you and your doctor of your next steps, including whether or not there are certain classes of individuals who should stop taking the medication.  Certain defects only affect very small groups of individuals, or perhaps the medication interacts adversely with other prescription medication. The specifics on the recall provided by the FDA will answer all of those questions for you.

Get Legal Help.  If you or a loved one’s health has been compromised, or worse, because of the adverse reactions to a dangerous prescription drug, you should consult with an experienced injury attorney right was because time is running against you. Often times these drug recalls with be followed by a class-action federal lawsuit (multi-district litigation).  Many times there is a pool of money set aside for victims.  The earlier you can get to the funds, the more likely you are to get a fair settlement.  Many times people who wait get very little or nothing because the settlement fund has been exhausted.

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If You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

In all cases, we recommend that you talk to your doctor about any recalled drug that you are taking.

However, with questions about whether or not you have a case, or how to proceed to protect your rights, we have the answers, help, and guidance you need and deserve.

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