If you’ve been injured by a defective prescription medication, you have the right to file a claim against the manufacturer of the defective drug for your injuries. Bad drug claims are essentially personal injury lawsuits, sometimes filed as a class action, and almost always in federal court.

Sometimes, when there are a lot of claims regarding a particular drug, the claims are grouped, or “consolidated” into a single class-action type claim.  This is generally preferred because these cases get the attention of the courts and the manufacturers quickly, and often lead to a settlement trust from which injured people can seek compensation.

Top Texas injury lawyer discusses the factors that determine how long it takes to settle an injury claim

Joining a Bad Drug Lawsuit

The best way to join a defective drug lawsuit is to hire an experienced San Antonio drug injury lawyer to assist you.  There is generally a lot of paperwork and procedural things that must be accomplished first, which an experienced attorney can get done quickly.  Trying to do this on your own could delay, damage, and even ruin your case if not handled properly.

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