Police authorities in The Colony, Texas were called to investigate a major motorcycle accident on the night of April 5, Tuesday. The collision involved a motorcycle and SUV, occurring along the intersection of 3800 Plano Parkway and 5300 State Highway 121.

The SUV was on the access road of Highway 121 heading north; according to several witnesses, the driver ran a red light at the intersection and slammed into the approaching motorcycle ridden by Stephanie and Jeremy Byington, both 42 years of age and residents of The Colony. Stephanie used to work at the city’s Animal Control Services.

Both passed away from their injuries sustained during the crash, and were pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. The driver of the SUV, who is suspected of driving under the influence at the time of the accident, was brought to Presbyterian Hospital of Plano for minor injuries. Authorities charged with investigating the crash found evidence of alcohol consumption before the collision.

Investigators are still collecting and analyzing details of the case to determine possible criminal charges. Accidents like these that lead to wrongful deaths highlight the importance of working with a reliable auto accident lawyer specializing in motorcycle accidents. At Barrus Injury Lawyers, our experienced San Antonio motorcycle accident attorneys understand the complexities of motorcycle collisions. Know what you need to do in accidents like these with expert advice from our legal team. Call us at (210) 593-8709.