One of the primary reasons to hire a San Antonio personal injury lawyer after an accident is to maximize whatever compensation you get from a settlement. Below are a few things your lawyer will most likely recommend that you do.

  1. Document the Scene of the Accident
  2. Proof will be your strongest bargaining chip to ensure you max out your settlement. If and when possible, take pictures of the scene of the accident and your subsequent injuries. It’s better to take too many photos than not take enough.

  3. Get Contact Information from Witnesses
  4. Don’t blow the opportunity to take down any witness information. The sooner you act, the easier it will be to find witnesses, and if possible, get a statement.

  5. Request a Police Report
  6. For car accidents, it’s usually standard procedure to write up a police report. If the police don’t come to make a report (which sometimes happens when the injured party isn’t brought to the hospital), be sure you file a counter report with your side of the facts. The important thing here is to get something on record.

  7. Document Damage to Property
  8. If you were involved in an auto accident, be sure to document the damage to your car. Take it to a trusted mechanic, someone who can document the damage and put it on record.

  9. Don’t Miss Any Doctor’s Appointments
  10. Any gap in your treatments and any missed doctor’s appointments can give insurance companies the excuse to devalue your claim by saying that your injuries aren’t serious. Seek legal assistance to know how to proceed with your personal injury case. Talk to the San Antonio personal injury lawyers at our Texas law firm to learn how we can help.