For many people recovering from injuries after an accident, the last thing they want to do is deal with issues such as paying for medical bills and finding out who was liable for the accident. This highlights the importance of hiring a reliable personal injury lawyer to represent your claim. However, some attorneys—or people posing as lawyers—have been known to take advantage of accident victims looking for sound legal advice. Below are # to avoid these kinds of scams.

  1. Stay Away from an Attorney Who Knows the Exact Amount to Expect from Your Settlement
  2. The truth is that there’s no simply no way of knowing the exact number to expect when monetary compensation is concerned. Personal injury cases can be highly complex, with details between different cases varying widely.

  3. Avoid Attorneys with No Clear Plan for Communication
  4. Communication plays a huge role in the success of any legal case, more so one that involves personal injury. Your lawyer needs to disclose how they plan to communicate with you, and more importantly, how often.

  5. Avoid Attorneys who are Afraid to Go to Trial
  6. Although the odds of a personal injury case going to trial are low, your lawyer still needs to be ready for this scenario. Insurance companies who recognize that your lawyer is not willing to go to court may use this to their advantage, trying to settle for an amount far lower than you rightfully deserve The San Antonio personal injury lawyers of Barrus Injury Lawyers have several years of combined experience helping clients win their personal injury cases. Talk to our legal team today to know how we can help you.