The truth is that not all accident claims actually need the services of a San Antonio personal injury lawyer. But for those times when your injures are severe, or your claim gets a little too complex due to the variety of factors involved, hiring an attorney may be the wisest thing to do. Below are a few examples of scenarios where seeking legal counsel pays off in the end.

Your Bills are Getting Out of Hand – Minor accidents like fender benders don’t cause enough damage or injuries to lead to a substantial claim, and thereby don’t need the services of a lawyer. But when an accident leads to expensive bills in the thousands—for medical care and car repairs—then you’re better off with legal counsel to obtain rightful compensation.

There’s an Argument Over Liability – If your insurance claim is being compromised because the other party is disputing their liability call a lawyer, who will have the technical expertise to resolve the dispute.

You Have Serious Injuries – As mentioned earlier, minor injuries won’t require a lawyer. But if your injuries came close to causing your death, or have a lasting impact on the quality of your life, get a lawyer as soon as you can.

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