A North Texas man died in a motorcycle accident caused by a Ford F-150 pickup truck hauling furniture on the highway. As the truck moved along I-20’s westbound lane, a mattress came loose, blocking the motorcyclist’s path on the road. Doug Johnson, age 73, crashed into the mattress and was thrown off his motorcycle, hitting a light pole.

Johnson’s wife, Susan, hopes people who witnessed the accident will come forward and identify the truck that police believe is responsible for the fatal crash. According to authorities, the truck’s identifying features include:

  • Chrome door handles
  • After-market front grill similar to a biller grill
  • Heavy break dust on the right front tire

Police are still investigating how long the mattress was left on the road before Johnson crashed into it. Eyewitnesses say the truck had pulled over near Horizon Road, with two female passengers getting down to check the furniture load and kept going afterwards. “There’s somebody out there who doesn’t have the courage to come forward,” said Susan. “You just never know what’s going to happen”.

As the investigation continues, police said the DA will have to decide whether to press charges if the driver is found.

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