Being involved in a motorcycle crash is terrifying.  My family and I know all too well the pain and devastation that can accompany motorcycle crashes.  To make matters worse, it’s very common for drivers of cars or trucks to blame motorcyclists for a crash.  These drivers will often say that the motorcycle rider was speeding, or came out of nowhere, etc. Police crash reports will often take these statements as fact, and they make their way into police reports. And, because motorcycle crash injuries tend to be very serious, often times the motorcyclist is taken to the hospital via EMS, and is not there to offer a more accurate account of what happened.

texas motorcycle crash fault

If you’re being blamed after a motorcycle crash, and you weren’t at fault, there are a couple of things you should do.

  1. Don’t Give Any Statements to Insurance Companies
  2. Hire An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

 Don’t Give Any Statements

The first thing you should never do make any statement to the other driver’s insurance company (regardless of what they tell you, you’re not required to talk to them at all).  Most of the time, the only thing a statement to the other driver’s insurance company will do is provide them with an opportunity to claim you were at fault, and deny your claim.  If their insured driver blames you, it’s unlikely you’re going to convince the adjuster otherwise, so it’s best to just not give them any statement at all.

If you are asked to give a statement, you should decline to provide a statement until you’ve had a chance to discuss it with an experienced injury attorney who can guide you, and help you protect your rights.

In certain circumstances, you may be required by contract to provide a statement to your own insurance carrier, but we recommend consulting an attorney before providing such a statement.  And, under NO Circumstance do we ever recommend giving a statement to the other driver’s insurance adjuster without talking to a lawyer first – the unintended consequences of doing so can be devastating.

Seek Advice from an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If the other driver is blaming you for a motorcycle crash, two things are almost certain – 1) their insurance company will take their side, and 2) you’re going to need a good lawyer if you expect to have a valid claim.

A good lawyer can gather witness statements, investigate, evaluate the evidence, and work to get an inaccurate police report amended.  We have been able to get inaccurate police crash reports amended, and changed based on the evidence and witness statements.  Having an accurate crash report swings things in your favor.

If you’ve recently been blamed for an accident, and you want to dispute fault you’ll need an experienced attorney on your case. Insurance companies have no problem ignoring or even bullying drivers. If you want to be fairly represented and compensated for you accident you’ll need to speak to an attorney.

Call us today at (210) 910-4357 to see how we can help you protect what’s most important after a motorcycle accident.  Our experienced attorneys are always available to answer your questions, and we even offer a FREE 5-Point Case Evaluation to help you understand your options.

If you are being blamed for a motorcycle crash that you didn’t cause, it’s essential to have an aggressive attorney on your side that can help fight against greedy insurance companies and help you get the compensation and peace of mind you need to get your life back!  Call us now at (210) 910-4357 and start protecting your rights.