If you can get an incident, or accident report, you should get it.  However, it is not necessary to have an accident report filed in order to win your slip and fall case. Often times a business will ask, even pressure the injured party, to fill out and sign an accident report after the incident has occurred. You are not required to do so by law. However, if you do choose to fill out the report, it is imperative to accurately explain how you sustained your injuries.

The Most Important Factor:  Acting Quickly After a Fall           

More important than having an incident report is acting quickly to preserve evidence and get witness statements.  This can be more difficult than you would think, and most injured victims discover that the best way to protect the evidence, and your case is to hire an experienced slip and fall lawyer to pursue your claim.

Barrus Injury Lawyers Continue to be among best slip and fall lawyers in Texas

Most injury attorneys, including Barrus Injury Lawyers, will let you talk to a lawyer for free, and never charge an upfront fee.  In fact, Barrus Injury Lawyers Offers a ZERO FEE GUARANTEE – that is, we guarantee the following:

  1. We never charge injured persons an upfront fee,
  2. We pay for all expenses need to pursue your case, and
  3. You NEVER pay us a penny UNTIL we win your case.

Get The Help You Need

After a slip and fall injury, chances are you have a lot of unanswered questions and don’t know what you can do.

The experienced attorneys at Barrus Injury Lawyers are here to provide the help, guidance, support, and answers you need to understand your case, and your options.  In fact, we offer a FREE 5-Point Case Evaluation (in writing) from one of our slip and fall attorneys that will help you understand your case and your options.

To talk to an experienced attorney at Barrus Injury Lawyers, or to take advantage of our FREE 5-Point Case Evaluation, call us right now at (210) 910-4357, or click here to get started.