First of all, crashes with busses, like 18-wheelers, generally, involve more serious injuries because the size and weight of a bus generally leads to more serious injuries. That is why busses, like commercial vehicles and big trucks, are required to carry more insurance.

However, just because they have more insurance, don’t think that the insurance company will treat you fairly.  In fact, in my experience, as a San Antonio bus accident lawyer at a Texas personal injury law firm, they are more likely to fight against you and employ deceptive practices to try to pay you nothing if they can, or as little as possible.

Why Do Insurance Companies Fight Harder in Bus Accident Cases?

Accident victims are often surprised to find that insurance agents are often times less reasonable and fair when a commercial policy, like in bus accident cases, is involved.  But why is this?  It’s because commercial insurance policies, like the ones busses are required to carry, have much higher limits, and exposes the insurance company to bigger financial losses.  After all, insurance companies don’t make billions of dollars every year by paying out fairly.

Don’t Fall Victim to Insurance Company Tricks

If you’ve been injured by a bus the insurance company will almost certainly try to take you for a ride, and they will do almost anything they can (including deception) to keep from paying you a fair settlement for your injuries.

Don’t risk your health or your financial future by falling victim to these tactics.

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