Insurance companies can use information you share on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to fight your claim for personal injury compensation. Although there are specific rules on admissible evidence in court or a settlement, social media is a gray area. In general, it’s safer to be careful with the information you share publicly on your social networks. Below are 5 social media mistakes with the potential of damaging your personal injury claim.

    Posting any photos, videos, or written accounts of your accident injuries, or lawsuit on social media
  1. Making all your posts, photos, and videos viewable to the public
  2. Letting family and friends post about your accident, injuries, claim, and lawsuit on social media
  3. Not deleting your past posts about the accident prior to filing a personal injury claim
  4. Posting your whereabouts after the accident. Your mobility may diminish your claim’s value.

Issues like this highlight the importance of seeking legal counsel immediately after an accident not of your doing. The rules on using social media evidence aren’t clearly defined in this part of the law, but it’s safer to assume anything you post online can be used against you. For more information on your legal options when making a personal injury claim, talk to the San Antonio accident attorneys of Barrus Injury Lawyers today. Call us at (210) 593-8709.