There’s no denying that riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car. But these accidents typically share a number of common factors, letting you know what to watch out for and avoid. Below are a few examples of common motorcycle accidents, with tips on how to avoid each one.

  1. You Hit a Car Turning Left
  2. A car doesn’t see you or underestimates your distance and speed, making a left turn and blocking your way. The simplest way to avoid this accident is to drive defensively, watching out for signs and situations that could lead to an accident, such as an intersection, a trailing car, or gaps in traffic. Remember to slow down and prepare for worst case scenarios.

  3. You Slip on Gravel or Sand
  4. You round a corner and hit a patch of gravel, sand, or some kind of debris that causes your bike to lose traction and wipe out. Your best defense is to avoid these surfaces altogether, riding at a pace where your reaction time can keep up with your riding response. Avoid entering corners tightly and slow down, speeding up when you have full vision of the road.

  5. You Get Rear-Ended by a Car
  6. You slow down for a stop sign, pedestrian lane, or intersection when the driver behind doesn’t see you and slams into your rear wheel. What would otherwise be a regular fender bender for a car, could kill a motorcyclist. Your best defense is to take advantage of other cars, using them as crumple zones. You can pull in front of another car (waving to let the driver know), or stay between a line of cars. You can also stay on the side of a lane, flashing your brake lights to improve your visibility.

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