Trucking and commercial vehicle accidents are generally tragic events. When these large trucks collide with passenger cars and trucks, there is loss of life almost always involved, while those that do survive more often than not suffer from serious complications due to injuries sustained during the accident.

Truck accidents are noteworthy because of the unique legal process that’s involved in ascertaining liability and compensation. It’s also worth noting because, with their size, trucks wreak the most damage in any accident that they get involved.

One of the main reasons why trucks figure in an accident is defective brakes. Trucks, due to their sheer size do not have the stopping capability of smaller vehicles. It takes more time for their brakes to kick in and slow the vehicle to a stop. If the brakes are defective, the truck doesn’t stop in time to avoid a collision with an oncoming vehicle or with the one in front of it.

Loads that are not secured can also cause accidents on the road. While the truck itself may not be involved, heavy objects that leave the vehicle could collide with the car or motorcycle right behind the truck.

Human factor is also a major cause of truck accidents. The driver may be fatigued from the stress of interstate travel, or is working too hard in order to meet deadlines from the logistics company. This leads to wrong decisions in driving, which unfortunately include driving recklessly.

Both state and federal governments have exercised their power in an effort to curb possible truck accidents. Regulations now mandate that truck drivers don’t spend their time on the road without resting. Some states, like Texas, also have rules that impose a weight limit on cargo carried by trucks that enter its highways.

What to Do in Case of a Truck Accident

As mentioned earlier, truck accidents are special or unique because of their nature. Their corporate work means that you can be up against the insurance company, the driver, and the shipping company when you file a compensation lawsuit in the wake of a truck accident. There are also many laws that figure in settling a personal injury lawsuit resulting from a truck accident.

Unlike auto accidents, if you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, you need to act quickly to investigate and preserve precious evidence that, if lost, can ruin your case.  That is why contacting a truck accident lawyer is key to protecting your rights.  

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