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What Do The Injury Attorneys at Barrus Law Group Have to Say About Texas Injury Cases?

By remaining up to date on major injury case law, the injury lawyers at Barrus Law Group, PLLC, utilize their expertise by providing visitors to their injury blog with useful information, legal opinions, and Texas injury lawsuit information, especially pertaining to car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and dog bite injuries.

Avoid These 5 Social Media Mistakes to Protect Your Personal Injury Claim

Insurance companies can use information you share on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to fight your claim for personal injury compensation. Although there are specific rules on admissible evidence in court or a settlement, social media is a gray area. In general, it’s safer to be careful with the information you share publicly on your social networks. Below [...]

Study Shows that Multi-Tasking Responsible for Increase in Auto Accidents

Like most of the nation, in San Antonio and South Texas, the ability to “multi-task” is considered a desirable skill to have, to the extent that mutli-tasking has begun to pervade our culture and mentality. In fact, it’s rare to find anyone behind the wheel of a car in Texas who isn’t multi-tasking in some way, whether it be making [...]

3 Facts to Know About Personal Injury Cases Before Filing a Claim

Many lawsuits filed in the U.S. stem from accidents that caused injury. These claims seek to obtain compensation for the injuries, including medical bills and loss of income, sustained by victims after the accident. But before you a personal injury claim, it’s important to understand a few facts about the process. Not all injuries qualify for a claim Just because [...]

Distracted Driving Hits a New Low – #DrivingSelfie

Being a San Antonio car accident lawyer, I thought that texting while driving would forever be the poster child against distracted driving. Well, move over texting, there’s a new distraction in town – meet the #drivingselfie. As many as 1 in 10 teens and young adults now find it popular to take selfies while they are driving, adding the hashtag [...]

How Personal Injury Lawyers Protect Wrongfully Injured Individuals

Everyone runs into some kind of accident at some point in their lives. But when you're injured due to the negligence of someone else’s reckless actions, what should you do? For those with barely any knowledge of personal injury law, it can be hard to decide what to do next. This is just one of many reasons to get a [...]

Common Mistakes People Make when Filing Claims for Workplace Injuries

If you were injured due to a workplace accident or have been diagnosed with an illness or injury closely associated with your work, what you do in the next few days will determine the strength of your personal injury claim. Keep an eye out for the following mistakes many people make after a workplace injury. Not Telling Anyone About it [...]