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What Do The Injury Attorneys at Barrus Law Group Have to Say About Texas Injury Cases?

By remaining up to date on major injury case law, the injury lawyers at Barrus Law Group, PLLC, utilize their expertise by providing visitors to their injury blog with useful information, legal opinions, and Texas injury lawsuit information, especially pertaining to car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and dog bite injuries.

Waco Truck Accident Kills Passenger, Injures Three Other Motorists

A passenger in the backseat of a car was killed after a multiple-vehicle collision on I-35 in Waco. According to police authorities, the accident, which happened at 3:40 p.m. on Thursday, involved three passenger cars crashing into a tractor trailer on the northbound lanes of I-35. Emergency responders found that a female passenger in the backseat of a sedan had [...]

4 Things to Prepare for Your Consultation with a San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer

Now that you’ve scheduled a consultation with a San Antonio personal injury lawyer, how do you prepare for the meeting? While the need for legal research is precisely why you should hire an attorney, there are many things you can do on your own to prepare for the meeting. Below are 5 ways to prepare for your personal injury consultation. [...]

Texas A&M Cadet Killed in 18-Wheeler Crash

Texas A&M University officials have confirmed that a member of its Corps of Cadets was killed in a road accident involving an 18-wheeler truck. According to the Sheriff's Office in Brazos County, 19-year old Alexander Jones, a 2016-2017 Aggie Band Command Sergeant Major and a San Antonio native, crossed the centerline of West Highway 21 (near the city of Bryan) [...]

3 Pointers for Avoiding a Personal Injury Scam

For many people recovering from injuries after an accident, the last thing they want to do is deal with issues such as paying for medical bills and finding out who was liable for the accident. This highlights the importance of hiring a reliable personal injury lawyer to represent your claim. However, some attorneys—or people posing as lawyers—have been known to [...]

5 Tips to Maximize Your Settlement After a Personal Injury

One of the primary reasons to hire a San Antonio personal injury lawyer after an accident is to maximize whatever compensation you get from a settlement. Below are a few things your lawyer will most likely recommend that you do. Document the Scene of the Accident Proof will be your strongest bargaining chip to ensure you max out your settlement. [...]

When Should You Get a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Although different people will give you different advice about when to hire an injury attorney in San Antonio, one thing’s for sure: the earlier you can hire a lawyer, the higher the likelihood of having a strong case. Below are a few reasons that should compel you to hire a personal injury lawyer. You Need Facts About Personal Injury Law [...]